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The search is on for Auckland’s most promising, young, environmentally-conscious fashion designers and master up-cyclers. 

We're going viral! Just not Covid-19 style...

We've extended the competition deadline and adapted the format...

Enter the 2020 Eye on Nature Wearable Art competition via video entry!


Eye on Nature Wearable Art offers a platform for your creatively inclined

and environmentally minded students to spread their wings!

Whilst this year's format is very different from previous years; the virtual platform provides an exciting opportunity for students to showcase their designer skills as well as enabling them to engage with technology and to enjoy narrating and filming their projects. 


Tamariki have the opportunity to show off their work of art, on a video platform, to a wide audience and impress the judges with their eco-friendly wearable art pieces.


Each art piece represents an environmental message or concern which young Aucklander's have channeled through wearable art to relate to our 2020 theme:


‘Adaptations in New Zealand – Thrive to Survive’

‘Urutaunga ki Aotearoa – Tipu Matomato hei orapito’


Each year the competition is fierce with a total prize pool of $3,500 cash up for grabs.

Save the dates

Registration for entries close

Friday 26 June 2020

Video entry submission deadline

Friday 11 September 2020


The deadline to enter the Wearable Art competition has been extended! Registration for entries close: Friday 26 June 2020 Video entry submission deadline: Friday 11 September 2020

Garment Requirements

Some things to remember before you submit in your entry:

  • You must think of your Wearable Art entry as a whole outfit. For example, if your focus is on the skirt, there must be an accompanying top. The judges will be critiquing the entire outfit as one garment.
  • NO artificial bought flowers are permitted. You may make your own.
  • Use of pampas is forbidden and use of materials sourced from pest plants is discouraged.
  • Your entry must be comfortable and safe to wear – NO sharp objects or scratchy surfaces e.g.: staples.
  • Try your garment on before creating your video entry so you will know if it is too heavy, unbalanced, uncomfortable, or will not hold together. Identify movement stress points and reinforce these areas if required.
  • Garment must be worn by a model in the video entry to be considered for judging. The artwork must be wearable!
  • Hats must be fitted and well balanced, a strap under the chin may be appropriate. Models must be able to see clearly while wearing the garment.
Blurb requirements: Write your short blurb (no more than 150 words) and send a copy of it, in writing, to lisa@mbct.org.nz along with your video entry by 11 September. Blurb needs to include:
- Title of your garment
- How your garment relates to the theme
- What materials you’ve used and why


Coming soon!


We will have 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for the two categories, High school and Primary School. Students can be in to win a giant cheque worth: HIGH SCHOOL & PRIMARY SCHOOL 1st Prize $1,000.00 2nd Prize $500.00 3rd Prize $250.00 Plus, special merit prizes for best use of recycled materials.

Judging Criteria

Interpretation (20%) Demonstrate a strong interpretation of the theme: 'Adaptations in NZ - Thrive to Survive'. Materials (20%)

Your creation may be made from any material; however the judges will be looking for the use of; recycled, repurposed, and sustainable materials. Material sourced from pest plants is discouraged.

Designer Statement (Blurb) (15%)

You will need to provide a short blurb, no more than 150 words. Students are encouraged to narrate their blurb over their video entry. Please send a copy of your blurb, in writing, to lisa@mbct.org.nz along with your video entry by 11 September.

Blurb needs to include:
- Title of your garment
- How your garment relates to the theme
- What materials you’ve used and why

Originality and Innovation (15%)

The judges are looking for the "Wow!" factor, an entry that will make an impression. An original garment designed with a unique interpretation of the theme.

Construction (15%)

Your garment must be comfortable and safe for the model to wear. Models must be able to see clearly and breathe easily whilst wearing it. All footwear must be robust, well-balanced and safe.

NO sharp objects or scratchy surfaces, e.g.: staples.

Please include close ups of how your garment is constructed in your video entry.

Artist Effort (15%)

We accept that students will require adult help and supervision but the garment should primarily be constructed and designed by the students.

Video Entry Requirements

  • Film in a quiet classroom with no other students around, otherwise we won't be able to hear the narrator.
  • One video per entry, each entry to be two minutes maximum. Film the full model, landscape, from head to foot and ask the model to turn around, we want to see the whole garment.
  • Film horizontally and consider the lighting (not too bright, not too dark).
  • Title of your garment.
  • How your garment relates to the theme.
  • What materials you've used and why.
  • When filming try to keep the device still, otherwise this will be too distracting and audio levels will change.
  • Do not put any music on your videos, we will do that when compiling the overall video.
  • Second video OR photos zooming in on features mentioned within the video, for example; adaptation feature, materials used and/or construction. We will use this when editing the overall video to highlight features you talk about.

Video Entry Submission

Options of how to submit your entry:

  • Courier USB to:
    Lisa Beale
    Manukau Beautification Charitable Trust
    38 Holmes Road
    Auckland 2102
  • Send via WeTransfer, a free simple way to send files up to 2GB
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • If you have an alternative, preferred method of submission, please let us know.