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South Auckland Communities won't tolerate graffiti vandalism anymore!


Flash back to 20 years ago and South Auckland really did earn the name ‘Graffiti Capital of the South Pacific’. Today, the wider South Auckland community simply will NOT tolerate graffiti vandalism and even better civic pride is stronger than ever.


We are championing free graffiti removal services in South Auckland, and are doing our bit to see positive changes in South Auckland like many others are too. Since 2001, our graffiti removal team travel throughout South Auckland each day removing graffiti from the main arterial routes, fences and other council property.


Although the trend has been heading downwards for the past 5 years; over the span of our last contract we have removed an excess of 300000 square meters of graffiti vandalism in South Auckland - similar to 30 rugby fields worth of graffiti.

In most cases, when graffiti is reported it gets removed within 24 hours, if not sooner. The fast response sends a message that graffiti will not be tolerated in our communities.


Groups such as Corrections and individual volunteers help us stay on top of the graffiti by helping with paint out and reporting tags in.


The difference between graffiti art and graffiti vandalism is “permission”. 

We need your eyes and ears to spot graffiti out in the community!


Call in graffiti on the go via our freephone 0800 END TAGS. 

Report Graffiti online right from your device. 

Send us the location and a description of the tag via email.